If you have gotten into this page, I must assume you are a bit curious about knowing a little more about me. Just let me start by saying thank you for being interested in my artwork. 

I'm Cami Ortiz, or as I like to be called Camioh, I'm an illustrator/designer based somewhere in South Florida. I currently work in the industry as a designer, and on the side, I'm pursuing my career in Illustration. 

My work is inspired by a lot of my feelings and my surroundings. I sometimes love to draw what I see in my dreams, and other times I just draw things that make me giggle a little. 

My Illustration techniques vary between digital and traditional mediums like Chinese ink and watercolor. 

If you are interested on comissions please send me an e-mail to camilaoh.designer@gmail.com or simple fill up the contact form. 

If you are interested on checking my design work please visit www.camilaoh.com